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This is just a simple web application that I'm creating to manage my vast collection of photos. The idea came to me while I was scanning old 35mm negatives into my computer and then filing the negatives into archival pages for safe storage. Scanning negatives into a print-quality image takes quite a bit of time so instead I opted to scan them with a base quality that scans very quickly and is auto-feed. When I want to print a photo I can look up the location of the negative and refine it.

This application is not much more than a simple photo gallery application, except that it is specifically designed to reflect the contents of an archival page in a binder. This allows you to quickly locate a negative that you want to use for further processing and/or printing.

I also created this application as a window into refining my OData, WCF and Javascript/jQuery skills. My goal is to create pages with no server-side code (i.e. pure AJAX calls on HTML pages) and to use plenty of HTML5 and CSS3. That said; if you're looking for a web application that will be readily compatible with Internet Explorer then you've come to the wrong place :-)

I'm going to do my best to keep this project up to date and active (at least until it is finished) but I'm also a full-time computer programmer so I stay pretty busy. If you have any questions or comments please let me know!

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